About How The Marshmallow Rolls

A few years ago, my Aunt Jackie gave me a cookbook that used to belong to my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother attended St. Mark’s Church on Kuhn Road in Greece, and had contributed recipes to their 1971 Women’s Club cookbook.

Recently while flipping through the cookbook, I thought it would be cool to make recipes out of it; sorta like Julie and Julia, only Kim and the St. Mark’s Women’s Club of 1971. Unlike modern recipes, the recipes from this book leave out details, are pretty vague, or, give you a list of ingredients, only to add more ingredients in the instructions (surprise!). My husband (his name is Mark, btw. Coincidence?) suggested I work through the cookbook, make the recipes and report them via blog.

I hope you enjoy my cooking attempts, humor and the recipes. Thanks for stopping by!